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I finished sewing Sara’s short version of her wedding dress (which is actually a dress she can wear later) and it turned out great, if I do so say so myself.  The real test was when I took it up to Virginia for her to try it on.  I had not hemmed it and it still needed a button on the overlay but when she tried it on and I saw her expression, I knew it was a hit with her as well.  Have I mentioned I love sewing dresses when this is the reaction I get.

Now that we had the bodice pattern figured out, we set out to get the rest of the fabric.  We ended up ordering the overlay and having it shipped but got the rest of the dress fabric during my trip.  The next post will be about getting started on the real deal.


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Here is an alternative dressform to the duct tape body form from an earlier post.  This video is from one of my favorite sites, Threadbanger.



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Here are some cute Modest Prom Dresses from Jen Clothing. These are some of their 2009 modest prom dresses, these will give those of you who like to sew dresses some great ideas on how to make modest dresses that are very fashionable too.

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Why Not Lend a Sewing Hand

My Mom found an article in today’s newspaper (Florida Today, February 24, 2009 – ‘Angels’ offer comfort) about a woman who makes adaptive clothes for soldiers that have been injured and need the special clothing to help in their comfort and recovery.  In the article Joy Cambell is honored with an award from the National Military Family Association for her work as the Florida regional director for Sew Much Comfort.  Sew Much Comfort is the organization that sews these custom made adaptive clothes for our injured military men and women.  You can read more about what they do at  


There were a few things that struck me in this article.  The first being that I had no idea there was such a thing as “adaptive clothing” let alone that there was such a need for it.  What a great way to give back to our soldiers.  The other thing that struck me was the comment Joy made about how sewing is a dying art and that most volunteers are over 60.  It made me think about the reasons why most of the volunteers are over 60.  My first thought was that perhaps younger people have more going on and that the “over 60” group simply has more time to devote to such great causes.  But that feels like a cop out in so many ways.  The first of which is that I am fast approaching that group.  I thought about why I don’t do more to volunteer my time especially in ways I enjoy, like sewing.  I think it comes down to prioritizing.  As much as I love to sew it seems like making time to sit down and actually sew something is becoming harder and harder for the time being.  Around our house we are working on several projects lately and these seem to take precedence over everything else these days.  I keep thinking that as soon as I can finish one or two of these projects, then I’ll have time to sew again.  In the meantime, my sewing list keeps getting longer along with the project timeframes.  A couple of weeks ago, I did manage to do some alterations to a friend’s daughter’s dress she is planning to wear to the spring dance, which was not only fun to do but reminded me once again how much I love to sew.  (I will be posting about how I did the alterations soon, so check back soon.)  I decided that since I can’t seem to find the time at the moment to help out this wonderful cause with my sewing that perhaps I could at least pass on the information as well as keep the link in a handy place for when I get some of these projects completed.  Perhaps someone will read this and actually have the time and energy (at the same time, imagine that!) to actually lend a sewing hand to this cause or know someone who can.  You can request a packet to become a volunteer seamstress by clicking here. 


Leave me a comment and tell me why you think that most of the volunteers to the Sew Much Comfort organization are over 60 and do you think sewing is becoming a dying art?

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Finally here’s the post I promised to do after the craft fair I did (see my previous post here).  Thanks to all who were able to make it to the St. Teresa Fair and for stopping in to see me at the Craft Fair portion in the Parrish Center in Titusville, FL last month. This small venue was a lot of fun and I met a lot of great people there that I’m sure I will be seeing again. I even had the chance to meet a few fellow Etsy shop owners there as well and it was fun putting faces with some of the online shops. 

Since then on Fridays I have been showing up at the Farmer’s Market in town and keeping busy in between making more bags.  I have been adding new bags to my Etsy shop at and will continue to add more a little at a time.  The latest is made from a recycled t-shirt that my nephew, Jason, had made with a drawing he did of a Dungeons and Dragons type of character.  We always get comments from people when we wear the shirts he made and this one had been put away because of a stain we got on it.  When I started making more and more handbags, purses, totes and anything else I can think of, I started digging through all the clothes I had put away because I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away, I came across this shirt and knew just what to do with it.  You can see it in the picture above or you can click here to see the listing of the re-purposed and recycled t-shirt.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 

I’m not sure I will be able to live off the profits I am making with these bags anytime soon but I am certainly having fun sewing them and selling some here and there too.  I know I’ve gotten a little off track for this site but I promise I’ll talk more about sewing dresses in my future postings.  I am still trying to learn a few more internet tricks and am working on a link for this site to sign up for monthly sewing projects.  They will mostly be sewing projects but I have a few things I make that you don’t need a sewing machine for.  Hopefully, I will have that link up and working soon.  In the meantime, I hope you are finding what you need on my site from my previous postings and will check back soon.  Thanks for reading and for checking out my Etsy shop too.

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My daughter’s school puts on a fair every year and each class puts together a basket of stuff to sell in a silent auction.  This year her class basket is supposed to have stuff that is environmentally friendly.  Going Green is something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to do more of anyway, so I thought this was a good time to actually get something done.  I started with crocheting some plastic grocery store bags together to make a mat.  I used up some bags and got it done but I was not real thrilled with the way it looked.  Next I tried making a fabric totes, fabric lunch bag and fabric sandwich bag.  They both turned out pretty well and I sent my daughter to school to try it out the next day.  She got a lot of compliments and some “make me one” requests.  So, I made another one to add to the class basket.  

During the fair they also have some craft tables they rent out for local talent to sell their wares.  I had so much fun making the lunch bags I thought I’d make a few more, rent a table and see what happens.  The fair is not for a couple more weeks, so we’ll see how many homemade projects I can get done.  So far I have several fabric lunch bags, vinyl bags, a handbag/totes made from re-purposing 3 pairs of pants into my own design.  It turned out kind of like a hobo/totes.  I’m planning on getting a few purse/totes, fabric lunch bags, denim bags and who know what else.  I’ll post again after it’s all over and let you know how I made out.  In the mean time, I started a shop on Etsy.comto see what happens there too.  Check out my site and let me know what you think.  There are only a few things on there now but I’ll put more on after the fair.

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Sew Dresses has found another great video from Threadbanger that shows you not only an easy way to alter shirts to make them fit better, (also works great to alter dresses that do not have a waistband) but also how to make your own body double form with just an old t-shirt, duct tape and a friend.  I love their videos, as you can tell.

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I found this site with the video below and thought it had some great ideas for how to dress for success whether for the office, evening or casual look.  Katie Stiles features videos to deal with the fashion issues of having large breasts, not that I have this problem.  My problem areas of what she calls the “mommy tummy” but I like her suggestions in this video and think they work well for how to dress with my fashion challenge as well. 

Here’s what Katie says:

Having large breasts can pose as a serious challenge for women when it comes to choosing and finding the right clothes. Whether it is business wear, evening wear or casual wear, it is important that the clothes fit correctly. Women with large breasts do do not want to attract unwanted male attention. This often leaves many women who have large breasts wearing boring and loose fitting T-shirts as a last result. This before and after video will show you some of the mistakes that women with a large bust make when it comes to choosing clothes and some great clothing selections that can flatter such a figure. You can be stylish and sexy but also be taken seriously when you choose the right clothes that compliment a full bust line. Check out more makeovers at:

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Here is the question and answer from Yahoo Answers that I thought was interesting.  I wonder how many of you would allow your man to sew for you?  I’m not so sure I could even get my husband to pick up a needle and thread, let alone sew dresses as special as a wedding dress.

Question: I have the worst skill with designing stuff and when my to-be-hubby offered to sew my dress, I jumped at the chance! He even made my veil! I never knew that he could sew and it was so sexy to watch him make my dress. I want to know if anyone else has a hubby as diverse as mine? BTW He is a US Marine Vet and he said he learned to sew in the service! He can also cook!

Answer:  Hey, if the dude has talent, why not? One of my grandfathers was a tailor!

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Too Funny Video of Chelsea Handler gets advice on how to dress for a date by 3 older ladies.

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