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My daughter’s school puts on a fair every year and each class puts together a basket of stuff to sell in a silent auction.  This year her class basket is supposed to have stuff that is environmentally friendly.  Going Green is something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to do more of anyway, so I thought this was a good time to actually get something done.  I started with crocheting some plastic grocery store bags together to make a mat.  I used up some bags and got it done but I was not real thrilled with the way it looked.  Next I tried making a fabric totes, fabric lunch bag and fabric sandwich bag.  They both turned out pretty well and I sent my daughter to school to try it out the next day.  She got a lot of compliments and some “make me one” requests.  So, I made another one to add to the class basket.  

During the fair they also have some craft tables they rent out for local talent to sell their wares.  I had so much fun making the lunch bags I thought I’d make a few more, rent a table and see what happens.  The fair is not for a couple more weeks, so we’ll see how many homemade projects I can get done.  So far I have several fabric lunch bags, vinyl bags, a handbag/totes made from re-purposing 3 pairs of pants into my own design.  It turned out kind of like a hobo/totes.  I’m planning on getting a few purse/totes, fabric lunch bags, denim bags and who know what else.  I’ll post again after it’s all over and let you know how I made out.  In the mean time, I started a shop on Etsy.comto see what happens there too.  Check out my site and let me know what you think.  There are only a few things on there now but I’ll put more on after the fair.

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I've been sewing since I was a child (a long, long time ago) and recently my daughter showed an interest in making something special. Bringing out the sewing machine always makes me wonder why I ever put it away. I really enjoy sewing and creating things to wear and look forward to sharing all the tips and tricks I use to help make things fit and flatter me when I sew dresses and anything else.