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My Mom found an article in today’s newspaper (Florida Today, February 24, 2009 – ‘Angels’ offer comfort) about a woman who makes adaptive clothes for soldiers that have been injured and need the special clothing to help in their comfort and recovery.  In the article Joy Cambell is honored with an award from the National Military Family Association for her work as the Florida regional director for Sew Much Comfort.  Sew Much Comfort is the organization that sews these custom made adaptive clothes for our injured military men and women.  You can read more about what they do at www.sewmuchcomfort.org.  


There were a few things that struck me in this article.  The first being that I had no idea there was such a thing as “adaptive clothing” let alone that there was such a need for it.  What a great way to give back to our soldiers.  The other thing that struck me was the comment Joy made about how sewing is a dying art and that most volunteers are over 60.  It made me think about the reasons why most of the volunteers are over 60.  My first thought was that perhaps younger people have more going on and that the “over 60” group simply has more time to devote to such great causes.  But that feels like a cop out in so many ways.  The first of which is that I am fast approaching that group.  I thought about why I don’t do more to volunteer my time especially in ways I enjoy, like sewing.  I think it comes down to prioritizing.  As much as I love to sew it seems like making time to sit down and actually sew something is becoming harder and harder for the time being.  Around our house we are working on several projects lately and these seem to take precedence over everything else these days.  I keep thinking that as soon as I can finish one or two of these projects, then I’ll have time to sew again.  In the meantime, my sewing list keeps getting longer along with the project timeframes.  A couple of weeks ago, I did manage to do some alterations to a friend’s daughter’s dress she is planning to wear to the spring dance, which was not only fun to do but reminded me once again how much I love to sew.  (I will be posting about how I did the alterations soon, so check back soon.)  I decided that since I can’t seem to find the time at the moment to help out this wonderful cause with my sewing that perhaps I could at least pass on the information as well as keep the link in a handy place for when I get some of these projects completed.  Perhaps someone will read this and actually have the time and energy (at the same time, imagine that!) to actually lend a sewing hand to this cause or know someone who can.  You can request a packet to become a volunteer seamstress by clicking here. 


Leave me a comment and tell me why you think that most of the volunteers to the Sew Much Comfort organization are over 60 and do you think sewing is becoming a dying art?

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