Step number one to making a simple wedding dress is for the bride to find a style she likes.  Sara and her bride’s maid, Maria, went in search for the style of dress that looks best on her.  They went to David’s Bridal and tried on a few dresses.  They photographed Sara in the dresses she liked and emailed them to me.  They are, of course, all beautiful but she wants to combine the things she likes about each one into one dress.  We are planning a video conference call so she can explain in detail what she has in mind.  I can’t wait to hear what she has in mind for her “simple wedding dress”. I’m sure glad I like to sew dresses because it looks like I may have to get creative to pull this off.  Here are the dresses she liked.


Can you tell from her expression, this is pretty much the dress she wants?  It has embroidery on the bodice, on the overlay and at the bottom.  I guess that means I will need to get that embroidery sewing machine I have been wanting.

This is dress number 2.

This is dress number 3.

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