Sara and Maria (Sara’s Maid of Honor) called and we set up a video conference using Skype to discuss the style of Sara’s simple wedding dress.  If you’ve never heard of Skype, it is a program you download and then you are able to chat, call or video call other people that also have Skype for free.  (You can learn more about it here.)  It was so easy to do, it made me wonder why we don’t communicate through these video conferences more often.  Okay, enough about the wonders of technology, on with the show.

We talked about what she liked about each of the three dresses she sent the pictures of.  If you missed the post with the pictures, you can find it here.  Dress number 1 has the most features of the dress she wants.  She loves the embroidery on it, which I’m not sure I will be able to master before making her dress, especially since I don’t even own an embroidery sewing machine yet.  But we decided that either I will be able to do it when the times comes or we will hire that part out.  She also liked the overall style of the dress especially the split front skirt. 

Dress number 2 she like the sheer fabric overlay but is not sure about the front split skirt is part.  She does not want the train made of sheer fabric and is concerned that it would look funny to have the front sheer and the back not. 

Dress number 3 has sleeves and she tells me what she really wants are caplet sleeves or maybe even small straps instead of the dress being strapless. 

While we are still on the call, we found a couple more dresses online and sent the links back and forth so we could see what we were talking about.  The other thing Sara wants as part of her simple wedding dress is for the back to lace up instead of having a zipper or buttons, similar to a corset.  We found the back of dress number 4 similar to what she wants, although she does not want the fabric to gather in the back.  We discuss just leaving out the zipper and adding fabric to overlap enough for her to get it on and still lay flat. Here is dress number 4.


Now that I have an idea of what she wants, the next step will be sewing a dress or a muslin sample of the top part of the dress.  This will make sure the features Sara wants will work and she can see those features to make sure we are on the same page with exactly how she wants the top part.  As the seamstress, I will be going to David’s Bridal to look at dress number 1 and then to find a pattern I can use as a base for Sara’s simple wedding dress.


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