With the holidays quickly approaching Sara’s simple wedding dress planning has taken a back burner for the next few weeks.  We still need to make it to the bridal store to check out the dress Sara really liked and to the fabric store to look at wedding dress patterns.  But with the holidays comes lots of sales and I found a sale I could not pass up.  At Sewingpatterns.com I took the opportunity to buy 5 patterns that should help me piece together a fabulous, if not simple, wedding dress for Sara all for about $30 including shipping.  I must admit I got a little carried away and bought a couple just to read the directions and to use as a guide.  But I figured that the 4 patterns I got for $2.99 each made it worth saving myself a little time in figuring out how to piece this “Simple” wedding dress together.  By the time all the patterns get here, the holidays will be over, or almost over and it will be time to start piecing all the ideas together.

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I've been sewing since I was a child (a long, long time ago) and recently my daughter showed an interest in making something special. Bringing out the sewing machine always makes me wonder why I ever put it away. I really enjoy sewing and creating things to wear and look forward to sharing all the tips and tricks I use to help make things fit and flatter me when I sew dresses and anything else.