Now that the holidays have passed and all the company has come and gone it is time to focus my attention on Sara’s simple wedding dress.  She was able to make it down for New Years weekend and we were able to do more collaborating and get in a little shopping at the fabric store.  We even managed to make a body double of her out of duct tape the night before she was leaving.  This was the first time I had actually tried to do make one and I guess I wrapped her a little too tight.  Her measurements were off by about an inch from her actual measurements.  Unfortunately since they were only here for the weekend we didn’t have time to fix it, so this one will have to do for now.

Since I don’t have a pattern for the exact dress Sara wants and will have to do some improvising, I decided to make a short version of the dress out of some cute fabric we picked up with a semi-sheer overlay on top to make sure what I come up with is what Sara wants.  We are going to make the overlay for her wedding dress removable so that she will be able to take it off during her reception and move around.  For the short version, I will make the overlay the same length as the dress.  This simple wedding dress seems to be getting more complicated every time we talk about it.  I wonder if everyone who makes wedding dresses goes through this.  Anyway, wish me luck on the short version of her dress, it’s time to get my head around all the changes and put it all together and hopefully be one step closer to making Sara’s simple wedding dress.  I’ll post pictures of the finished short version when I finish it.

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